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The Beat canoe paddle has an 8 degree bend in the blade for a more efficient paddle stroke on flat water, letting you paddle longer with less fatigue.


Breaking down into 3 sections, the Beat is a packraft suited single bladed paddle perfect for 2 up in a double packraft, or for those preferring a single bladed paddle that is both durable and portable.


The Beat paddle comes standard with our LeverLock adjustment system offering 6” of length adjustment, making it a great sharing paddle.



Weight: 738 grams (26 oz)

Shaft Material: Carbon shaft

Bade Material: Carbon reinforced composite

Blade Area: 613 sq cm

Length: Adjustable from 50" - 56"

Angle: 8 degree Ergonomic offset

Grip: Ergo LeverLock System


Made in the U.S.A




Accent Beat Canoe 3 Part Carbon Paddle