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2 Part Adhesive is essential for high load attachment points and major repairs for added strength over regular adheives.


AzBond "C" is a two-part, cold curing adhesive giving a tough resilient bond.

This adhesive has been specially designed for use on PVC and TPU coated cloth on rescue and pleasure equipment, inflatables etc.

It also has a wide range of building applications and gives good adhesion to PVC's and TPU's.


Azbond C adhesive is very much up to the task for PVC inflatable repairs. This glue has been an absolute stand out in tests and is far superior to other glues on the market especially in high temperature climates. The special catalyst that is used specially for Azbond C at 5% by volume is included in this kit. 


This item cannot be express posted.

AZ Bond C 250ml Kit - AZBONDC

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