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Classic Spraydeck


The Classic Spraydeck model is just that. One of the most popular packrafts so far due to its versatility, and ability to be used in different environments.


The Classic Spraydeck has a fully removable lightweight touring spraydeck to keep you drier and more comfortable, and is hand made using the most durable Superlight materials.


Arguably the most familiar and versatile packraft model, this is an enjoyable, stable, reliable, lightweight and extremely capable packraft. From touring, expeditions, fishing and hunting, bike-packing, flatwater, coastal fun and even moderate moving water, it really is the ultimate do it all packraft.


Packing down small enough to carry easily. You can trust that the PacKraft build quality will take you where you want to go, and get you back again.


Perfect for those needing a lightweight but durable all-rounder packraft without sacrificing strength and reliability.


All PacKraft tubes and floors use our latest high grade Superlight material, to give you a maximum durability and a far greater paddling life from your packraft whilst keeping the weight and packed size low.


Comes fitted with a deluxe seat as standard, for comfortable long days in the cockpit.


Available with the optional TIZIP for internal storage of gear inside the main packraft tube, and optional internal storage bags.



  • Removable spraydeck to keep you comfortable and dry
  • High quality 210D Superlight single layer material tubes
  • Double coated 840D floor for added durability
  • Inflatable seat and backrest
  • Multiple attachment points - 4 webbing loops on the front, 2 webbing loops at the rear.
  • 1 and 2 way Boston Valve for easy inflation and top-up

Includes: Inflation bag, carry/storage bag, repair kit and tie strap.



Size:                    Compact (225)           Large (250)

Length:                225 cm                      250 cm

Width:                  94 cm                        94 cm

Int. Length:          120 cm                      150 cm

Int. Width             38 cm                        38 cm

Base Weight:       2.97 kg +                   3.6 kg +

                           (390 gm deck)            (450 gm deck)

Tube material: 210D TPU

Floor material: 840D TPU double coat

Colours: Superlight Orange, Superlight Green, Superlight Grey, Superlight Army Green.


Note: Whilst we do keep some models in stock, in general our PacKraft models are made to order. Orders will typically take 2.5 - 3 weeks to manufacture and dispatch. If you require a packraft urgently, please don't hesitate to contact us first to determine if it needs to be built or if we have something suitable in stock ready for immediate delivery. Thank you.

Classic Spraydeck

TiZIP Internal Storage