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MRS Alligator 2S XXL Packraft



Perfect for whitewater and general paddling applications, the MRS Alligator 2S XXL is a bigger ersion ofthe Alligator 2S all-rounder with performance at its core. It has a smaller tube diameter for more responsive and agile whitewater performance and handling. It has an upturned bow for punching through waves and a balanced rocker and tapered hull shape for improved stability and handling in moving water.


The optional multi-point thigh strap system also allow enhanced connection with the boat which aids in stability and control of the packraft, particularly in whitewater.


The Alligator 2S XXL is a versatile boat that can be used for general packrafting, carrying a load such as a pack or bike, and it has ample lashing points for attaching these to, with 6 stern (rear) loops and 4 bow (front) loops, as well as 2 internal loops.


With a fully sealable spraydeck that works with a skirt in a similar fashion to sit-in kayaks, you will be kept comfortable in the cockpit even when going through rapids, waves and in poor weather or in cold environments.


The Alligator 2S XXL comes fitted as standard with classic backrest and classic seat, and supplied with a lightweight inflation bag, tie strap and repair patches as well as the spraydeck, skirt and coaming.


All MRS packrafts now come fitted with a fully removable skeg fin for improved tracking in flat water.


Available with options including:

  • Colour choice (Army Green, Yellow, Blue, Red)
  • ISS (Internal Storage System accessed via a waterproof TIZIP)
  • Thigh straps



  • Outer length: 269cm
  • Outer width: 92cm
  • Inner length: 136cm
  • Inner width: 34cm
  • Weight: 4.3kg +/-
  • Tube diameter: 29cm
  • Buoyancy: 154kg
  • Tube material: 210D double coated TPU
  • Floor material: 840D double coated TPU
  • Constructed using high tensile sewn thread, tubes which are heat-welded, and contact glued floor, providing a super strong bond for enhanced durability. 
  • Options: ISS (Internal Storage System),and optional EVA Backband
  • Colours: Army Green, Red, Yellow, Blue


PLEASE NOTE: MRS Packrafts are made to order and  usually take 2.5 weeks to fulfil. An in-stock status indicates that it is available for new orders.

MRS Alligator 2S XXL Packraft

Lead time about 2 weeks
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