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MRS Barracuda R2 Pro


PacKraft are pleased to offer Micro Rafting Systems (MRS) packrafts in Australia. We are happy to extend our packraft range and offer our customers the quality and design of the MRS range.


The R2 stands for Race & Recreation. A new streamlined double packraft equally suited to adventure racing and recreational paddling.


The R2 Pro model includes a spraydeck which can be used in conjunction with skirts to provide kayak style protection, or it can be used as a semi-open packraft without the skirts to save weight.


The R2 Pro also includes ISS (Internal Storage System with TIZIP) as standard.


The new MRS Combi-Seats offer 2 configurations – standard cushion seating, or high saddle for kneeling, easily changeable and adjustable within minutes, so the R2 Pro can be paddled with single canoe style paddles, or double-bladed kayak paddles. Two comfort backrests finish the fit-out making it a versatile and plush packraft cockpit for longer days or paddling legs.


Retaining stability, the re-shaped longer and narrower hull design and sharper bow and stern increase the speed and performance of the Barracuda R2 Pro over classic double packrafts.

A stronger material spec of 420D Tubes and re-inforced 840D floor brings an extra level of durability to the most typically exposed and mistreated part of the packraft. A detachable skeg fin aids in tracking. 4 attachment loops front and rear allow for carrying sufficient gear for two.


Perfect for adventure racing, flatwater touring, moderate whitewater, fishing, and general recreational paddling the Barracuda R2 Pro is the premium double packraft. Whilst being bulkier and heavier than other packraft models, it retains a higher level of paddler protection, comfort, as well as performance and versatility.


When paddling low level or low volume water or when in whitewater, we recommend protecting your knees, and using the seat configuration to avoid injury as the kneeling configuration is designed for deep flatwater where underwater or exposed rocks will not be experienced.


Comes fitted as standard with the comfort backrest and Combi-Seats, permanently fitted spraydeck, skeg fin, and supplied with spray skirts, lightweight inflation bag, tie strap and repair patches.

ISS (Internal Storage System accessed via a waterproof TIZIP) included with the Pro model.


Available with options including:

  • Colour choice (Black with Yellow Seams, Black with Blue Seams, Black with Army Green Seams, Black with Black Seams)
  • Removable/Convertible Deck option - this allows you to unzip the Spray Deck to have an open Packraft.



  • Outer length: 356cm
  • Outer width: 97cm
  • Inner length: 217cm
  • Inner width: 35cm
  • Weight: 5.95kg (with full setup including ISS and skirts), 5.2kg (boat without skirts and attachments)
  • Please note the convertible removable deck option adds additional weight to the boat.
  • Tube diameter: 31cm
  • Buoyancy: 300kg
  • Suits paddlers: 150cm – 190cm
  • Tube material: 420D double coat TPU
  • Floor material: 840D  double coat TPU
  • Seat material: 210D laminated
  • Spraydeck material: 70D Ripstop single coat
  • Boston Valve
  • Packed size: ~ 50cm x 35cm approx.
  • Speed: ~7km/h (dependent on conditions, paddlers etc)


Warranty: 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty (1yr TiZip Warranty)


Constructed using high tensile sewn thread, tubes which are heat-welded, and contact glued floor, providing a super strong bond for enhanced durability.

MRS Barracuda R2 Pro

Seam Colour on Black Boat
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