Portable Light Pump 2


The Light Pump 2 is an ultra portable and light handheld pump that can be used to inflate your packraft, sleeping mattress and other inflatable products. 


Weighing in at only 70g and fitting into the palm of your hand, it is an excellent alternative to the more traditional inflation bag. 


Simply connect the Light Pump 2 to a powerbank or mobile battery pack and away you go. (This model does not contain it's own battery).


Waterproof with an IPX7 rating, and coming with multiple attchment nozzles, helps make the Light Pump 2 a great portable travel companion. 


Weight: 70g
Inflation Pressure: 0.5KPA
Inflation Speed: 75L/min
Average Power: 3W
Waterproof: IPX7
Power: Requires external powerbank to operate.


Package Contains:
1 x Light Pump 2
3 x Nozzle adaptors
1 x USB Cable
1 x Storage Bag


Note: Please note that this pump does not contain an internal battery and requires connection to an external powerbank (not included) in order to function. Most mobile phone powerbanks or portable battery powerbanks should be suitable.  If you require a pump with it's own internal battery then please look at the Lightweight Packraft Pump model.

Portable Light Pump

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