ROBFIN BigBro Self-Bailing Packraft with TIZIP


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This is a self-bailing packraft designed for whitewater and general use and would suit larger paddlers or those wishing to carry more gear on multi-day trips. Designed by a whitewater specialist with years of experience in boat design and expedition paddling.


A completely new concept of packrafting the ROBFIN BigBro is stable and self-bailing (designed to be more efficient at self-bailing than other current self-bailing packrafts on the market which use a separate floor/seat) This is a packraft with performance closer to that of a hardshell boat than traditional whitewater packraft designs. Fast and manouvreable, good for beginers, for experienced boaters or experts as well. A high pressure packraft made from extremely heavy duty fabric, that takes you anywhere and makes it fun!


ROBFIN packrafts are fast and responsive boats constructed from extremely tough fabric. Featuring a high profile bottom with comfortable seat, fully integrated permanent inflatable floor that provides fast and efficient self-bailing.

This packraft can cut and curve. You can roll in it, you can surf, you can ferry, you can do whatever you can do in a kayak. At the same time it is very stable and holds the beginer well when needed.


A versatile boat with many features for white water or touring.


Designed to provide excellent boat contact through the seat/backrest, thigh knee straps and footrest, but to also allow the paddler to exit safely and easily without need to touch or remove straps in an emergency. 


The Airtight TIZIP zipper allows you to pack gear inside the tubes. 


Supplied with a water resistant bag and light pump included in the package.


The ROBFIN packrafts are constructed from a lightweight and tough PVC material rather than ultralight TPU which is common on most packrafts. This means they are more durable, and built to withstand whitewater conditions, however they have an increased weight and packed size over traditional packrafts.


For those looking to increase their time on whitewater the ROBFIN packraft is an excellent choice.


Colours: Grey/Blue



Length 270 cm
Width 94 cm
Weight 5.7 kg
Chambers 3
Recomended load To 140 kg



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