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Thigh Braces / Knee Straps (Pair)


Increase your stability and paddle with more control with thigh braces.

Features comfortable pads and easy to use clips and adjusters.

Fit universally to any D-ring or attachment loop.

Lightweight and quick to install and remove.


Weight: 250gms (pair)


Please note: These two point attachment thigh braces are designed to be lightweight and provide points of contact between the paddler and the boat to increase control and stability. They are not designed for, or recommended for rolling use.


Important: Always consider if thigh braces are suitable for you, and if in use, that they are adjusted correctly, and that you can disengage them and exit the boat in the event of capsize. Please be aware that any loops created in a whitewater enviroment can constitute a potential hazard, and as such, their use should be carefully considered.


Thigh Braces / Knee Straps (Detachable)

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$39.95Sale Price