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TIZIP - Internal Storage


Now available. TIZIP Internal Storage - Can be custom fitted to any new PacKraft brand boat order.


The German made, industry standard in watertight zipper systems can now be fitted to any new build PacKraft boat, to allow storage of gear inside the packraft main pontoon tube.


Increase stability and visibility by lowering the centre of gravity of the boat as opposed to tying on bulky packs or drybags to the bow of your packraft.


We are able to have the TIZIP fitted either with or without internal clip points on the inside of the tube which drybags may be attached to, to avoid any movement during use.


Order your TIZIP Internal Storage by selecting the TIZIP option when choosing your PacKraft brand packraft.


Please note: We regret we are not able to offer a retrofitting service at this time, and TIZIP Internal Storage can only be supplied with new packraft orders. 

TIZIP - Internal Storage