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Replace your valve cap with the TRiB airCap Pressure Gauge, a solar-powered, high accuracy gauge built into a valve cap. Maintaining the recommended pressure in your IKs and SUPs ensures optimal performance, with the airCAP you'll always be aware of your craft's pressure up to 20 psi.

  • High-visibility, easy-to-read LCD displays pressure to one-hundredth of a psi.
  • Performs in low-light at dusk, dawn and by headlamp.
  • Works battery-free with an efficient solar-powered operation.
  • Rugged and fully sealed construction, the airCAP is water resistant and submersible.
  • It measures up to 20 psi and is available in two different versions: airCap LF for Leafield C7/D7 valves and airCap HR for Halkey-Roberts, Summit2 and most 1/4-turn valve styles.
  • Make-before-break double seal prevents air from escaping during installation.
  • Easy installation. Simply remove the factory cap by popping off the lanyard around the valve using pliers and/or a flathead screwdriver. Push the similarly styled lanyard of the airCAP around the ridges on the valve. Screw on and tighten as before.

AirCap Install (3:39)

TRiB air Cap LF / HR

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