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Tuff Tape Packraft Repair Kit - Fast, easy, permanent repairs.


Tuff Tape makes a perfect packraft repair kit. The tape is self-adhesive, bonds immediately without the need for glues, and has elasticity so works extremely well for inflatable watercraft.


Field repirs to tears, holes and pinhole leaks can be completed and the packraft re-inflated and back on the water in 10 minutes. This creates a permanent repair that is as strong as the original packraft material so you can continue your paddling adventure without delay, and with confidence.


Easily cut to shape or size, the tape is also clear so it works well with any coloured packraft.


Forget messy and hard to remove Tyvek tape, and other well known but only passable packraft repair materials, Tuff Tape is our go-to repair material for quick, easy, permanent repairs both in the field and at home. 


The great thing about Tuff Tape is that it is versatile and can be used to repair many of your outdoor items and clothing. From tents to rain gear, inflatable mats, the uses are many.


Simply clean the repair repair surface and ensure it is dry, then simply apply the Tuff Tape patch, smooth it over and you are done. 


Repair Kit contains:

6 Patches - see image for sizes


Tuff Tape Instant Packraft Repair Kit - Variety Pack

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