Our Packrafts for hire include ultralight solo boats, as well as 2 seater models, with and without TIZIP Internal storage options.

Please see below for the current hire fleet options.  We provide a complimentary 4 part breakdown paddle with all packrafts hired.


(Please note we have various colours across our fleet boats and gear so actual colours may differ from what is displayed below).

Ultralight Packrafts

The MRS Tulo is our ultralight packraft option. Packing small and weighing only 2.2kg. With a comfortable seat and backrest, the Tulo is perfect for the minimalist adventurer looking to access areas otherwise not possible.

Classic Packrafts

The MRS Ponto and Classic Standard are the traditional solo packrafts we hire. Perfect for fun days on the water as well as overnight or multi-day trips on flat water or lower grade rapids. Able to carry a moderate load, and with more room than the ultralight packraft.

Spraydeck Packrafts

The MRS Microraft is a versatile favourite. With a removable lightweight deck the Microraft will keep you drier and warmer, and is great for a wide range of environments and conditions. From daytime recreation to multi-day adventures on rivers, lakes or almost anywhere. This is a classic for a reason.  Able to carry a moderate load, and with plenty of room in the cockpit. Available with and without TIZP internal storage.

Double Packrafts

The MRS Adventure X2 is our 2 seat packraft of choice for our rental fleet. Perfect for overnight or multi-day trips on flat water or lower grade rapids. Suited to a solo adult with gear, a bike, or an adult with a child or even the dog. Able to carry a heavy load, there are models with and without TIZIP internal storage which allow you to keep gear stowed inside the tube for longer trips.

4 Part Paddles

All Packraft rentals come with a 4 part paddle included (or 2 paddles if requested for the Classic Double). Our range of quality paddles include Aqua-Bound, TNP and others.

PFD's / Lifejackets

We offer reliable high quality PFD's from Astral. We have a wide range of sizes to fit everyone. If you are getting on the water, they are a must have. We want everyone to come home safe so we keep our rental rates low on safety gear. No excuses. Just good sense.

Head Protection

You can't beat solid head protection like helmets from WRSI. We have a range of sizes to hire to fit all noggins. So there's no excuse to 'head' out on a paddling adventure without the right protection...oh, that was awful.

Dry Bags 

When you are heading out on the water you want to keep your gear dry. We've got a range of high quality Sea to Summit and Ortlieb dry bags and dry packs in different sizes to hire to keep your sleeping kit, food and clothes dry, as well as your phone and munchies safe and secure. A soggy sleeping bag will ruin anyone's day...


If you are a traditionalist or ultra lightweight gram counter then the classic inflation bag that is supplied with every rental packraft will do the job well. If you're a bit lazy like us, or just keen and want to get onto the water 5 minutes faster then a lightweight handheld rechargeable USB pump will be your best friend. A small pump, a small rental fee.

To hire a packraft and gear, use our Booking Request form.

Using the right gear and wearing the right sizes is important, so for helpful advice from experienced packrafters, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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