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The PacKraft team are pleased to offer Micro Rafting Systems (MRS) packrafts in Australia.  

We are happy to extend and compliment our packraft range and offer our customers the quality and design of the MRS range of packrafts and accessories.


Kokopelli Packrafts, USA produces high quality lightweight packrafts for both the recreational and the whitewater paddler.  The Kokopelli Packraft vision is to create the opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to explore nature in its most serene settings. 

Sea to Summit is an innovative design and product development company that engineers a wide range of intuitively simple products that help make time in the outdoors fun, efficient and comfortable. In Australia, we also distribute other market-leading outdoor, travel and water sports brands that align with our philosophy ‘to equip and inspire’.

Packraft Touren have over 20 years experience in whitewater paddling. With expert packraft courses, private training, and guided tours within Europe and even further. Training technically capable, responsible and safe paddlers is a key focus of Annika and her team. PacKraft recommends them and our team has personally experienced time on the river with the Packraft Touren team, and the exceptional quality of their instruction and guiding. For more information: