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ASTRAL Designs Dyneema Throw Rope and Pouch


One of the most important essential products to paddling is a throw rope. This ultralight throw rope packs into a compact and flat pouch which fits into or behind the front pocket of many lifejackets where it is accessible at all times even when your boat is downstream.


Made of ultra high molecular weight Polyethylene fiber the pouch is durable and lightweight. If you are as concerned about safety as you are about fun then you will want to try the Dyneema Throw Pouch by Astral.


This specially shaped bag is compact through the use of the highest qualities of rope allowing a 7mm diameter to be stronger than most 10mm bags.

  • Dyneema core rope
  • 14m (45 foot) length
  • 7mm diameter
  • 815kg (1800 lb.) working load
  • Can be used with any PFD
  • Integrates perfectly with ASTRAL Greenjacket Lifejacket
  • Weight: 300 grams 








ASTRAL Dyneema Throwline/Bag

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$84.00Sale Price