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The Rassler 2.0 is an exceptionally grippy and rugged, yet lightweight boot that dries fast and drains quick. The sole is redesigned for improved durability. The mid-cut upper provides extra protection and support. Our best choice for hard-core river users.


Technical Details

Intended Use: Watersports, Traveling, Rugged terrain, Drinks at the pub

Uppers: Hydrophobic, Quick-Dry Canvas with Airmesh tongue, TPU reinforcements at Toe and heel with internal counters, built-in Polygiene-treated sockliner.
Midsole: Level heel to ball, medium arch, roomy toebox, made from EVA
Outsole:™ rubber, high surface-contact, razor-siped, and non-marking.
Foot to Ground Distance: 17mm heel, 16mm ball
Fit: True to size (Up to D width)
Balanced Geometry™: Places heel and ball at same level for balance and agility in extreme places.
Enhanced Support: Padded ankle and internal heel counters provide increased support during long walks in rugged terrain.
Super Sticky:™ non-marking rubber with high surface contact - for excellent traction in gorges.
Protection: TPU reinforcement outside / rigid toe-counter inside.
Quick Dry and Drain: Uppers dry fast and midsoles drain excess water.



UKUS MensUS Women'sUS - Unisex (M/W)CMEU
4.5 65/623.537 1/2
5 6.55.5 / 6.52438
5.5 76/724.538 2/3
6 7.56.5/7.52539 1/3
6.5 87/825.540
7 8.57.5/8.525.7540 2/3
7.5898/92641 1/3
8.59109/102742 2/3
99.510.59.5/10.527.543 1/3
1010.511.510.5/11.528.544 2/3
10.5111211/1228.7545 1/3
1111.5 11.52946
11.512 1229.546 2/3
1212.5 12.53047 1/3
12.513 1330.548
13.514 1431.2549 1/3

Astral Rassler Boots

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