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Galasport Custom-Made Carbon 4PC Packraft Paddles


European Made!

This paddle was developed for general use. Its optimal flex and light weight allows for prolonged paddling. Every single kilometer will be fun.


Most people overlook the importance of a good paddle - but it's where all your power and control is transferred. It makes sense to have one made that is perfectly suited to you and your intended use.

The shape of this paddle utilises the dihedral design for optimised stability and a smooth stroke.

This Paddle can be made to your length and angle offset requirements, or talk with us about finding out the right fit for you and we can have it made. 



  • Blade Effective Dimensions 460mm x 180mm
  • Total Blade surface area approx. 577 sqcm
  • Lengths of 210cm to 225cm are the standard Lengths (custom length can be made to order).
  • 890g approx. (Depending on length)
  • Each segment is approx 53.5cm - 56cm long
About Galasport:
Galasport Paddles and Kayaks won multiple medals at the last Olympic Games, It is all they do. This Family owned and opperated European company live and breath Kayaking, their moto "Experience Great Paddling". We work with the Australian Distributor for Galasport to supply outstanding high end paddles.

All Galasport Race paddles are Composite Construction - Meaning materials like Fiberglass, Kevlar and Carbon Fiber are infused with resins such as epoxy resin for maximum strength and rigidity for a minimum in weight.

Club Carbon:
Clear Carbon Finish. The club Carbon is a Blend of Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass and Kevlar with a greater propertion of Carbon Fiber making it lighter and more rigid - a significant step up in performance for a small increase in cost - this is the Value pick for me. Built on a Carbon Blend Shaft for greater rigidity and power tranfer.

Offset Angle:
All of our paddles are made at a standard 45 Degree offset - however we can always custom make you anything you like in 5 Deg Increments - just select the custom option and send us a message with your specs of length and angle.


Note: Custom paddles may take 1.5 to 2 weeks to complete. Please ask us for any information or to have a custom made paddle constructed just for you.

Custom Carbon Packraft 4 pc Paddle

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