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Keep your hands warm in cold paddling conditions


Thinking you need gloves to keep your hands warm? Rethink. Pogies allow fingers to share warmth like a mitt and unlike Neoprene gloves will not take away your dexterity and paddle control - you hand stays on the shaft as normal.


Pogies give you all the benefits of keeping you hands protected from cold whilst still giving you the real feeling and control of your hand directly onto the paddle.

Bucket Hands (Pogies) are 1 size fits all.


Materials:: Neoprene
  • For cold water paddling
  • Keep your paddle securely in the palm of your hands
  • Limits windchill - the nemesis of paddling enthusiasts

If you let go of the shaft you hand is free to slip out of the pogies safely in the event of a swim.

Galasport Hand Warmers - Pogies

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