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Protect your inflatable boats and toys with the K-Pump Pressure Gauge for Boston Valves. Works great on most of these common valves found in float tubes, belly boats and many pontoon-type water crafts.

  • This easy-to-use mechanical air pressure gauge lets you accurately measure the psi in your inflatable to ensure best performance and help prevent a blowout.
  • The large, high-contrast display reads from 0-20 psi.
  • A ribbed rubber gauge case provides great impact protection and makes the gauge easy to handle, even with gloves.
  • Note: The Boston valve is a type of valve and different manufacturers make them slightly differently. There is a small ring on the shaft of the gauge. It must be left on for some valves and taken off for others. The lanyard attachment point on the ring allows you to tether it to the gauge to prevent loss.

K-Pump Pressure Gauge for Boston Valves

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