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Emergency Patch Kit


The Glue Patch Kit by Kokopelli Packraft is designed to make Permanent home based or overnight field-repairs a breeze and to get you ready for your next day on the water.


The Nylon-Kevlar weave of these material patches provides structural strength so your patch will last far longer even in the worst of conditions.



The patches work universally on all TPU or PVC coated surfaces, make sure you order the version with the correct gluve for TPU or PVC (all brands of packraft tubes and fitted floors).



  • 2x Sidewall Material
  • 1x Floor Material
  • 1x Scrapper
  • 2x Alcohol Swab
  • 1x Glue (8g)
  • 1x Waterproof storage pack for the kit


Kokopelli Glue Patch Kit TPU or PVC

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