Kokopelli XPD


You’re not a one-size-fits all adventurer. Neither is the XPD.  It’s the most versatile packraft out there because it’s designed to handle all the rigors of professional use, yet be easy enough for your kids to use. The commercial grade 1,000d reinforced PVC gives you extra durability. We’ve tested the XPD against environments all over the world, from shallow rivers, sharp coral reefs, ocean sounds or slot canyons. 


The XPD is strong enough to handle any adventure style, yet portable enough to fit into a carry on or in the back of your car. We’ve engineered the XPD to be packed with features like our first-in-class reinforced floor system, high-pressure pontoons, stainless-steel D-rings, and optional TiZip.


The most versatile packraft available, the XPD weighs only 13lbs (5.9kgs) and packs down small enough to fit into a backpack. Constructed with 1,000d reinforced PVC and designed on our award-winning Rogue-lite platform with input from Special Operations teams, the rugged XPD is ideal for entry-level paddlers, lakes, hunting, multi-sport adventures, car camping, weekend-warriors, and those paddling harsher terrains. 




The XPD features our 1,000d Reinforced PVC sidewalls and 1000d Reinforced PVC floor, the same material used in commercial rafts. 


The seams are welded and the pontoon-to-floor attachment point is glued to the sidewall and then reinforced with v-seam tape around the entire interior of the packraft. Additionally, the pontoon-to-floor attachment point is glued to the sidewall and then reinforced with v-seam tape around the entire interior of the packraft.


The 4in (10cm) thick Inflatable Seat is made from 210d Diamond-Ripstop Nylon and uses a Stem Valve. This keeps you comfortable and improves paddling position which allows for deeper, more efficient paddle strokes.


For the main pontoon, the XPD features a GRI Push-Push Valve. The same valve as used in all SUPs, the GRI Push-Push is made from roto-molded plastic and is threaded and screwed together, not welded or glued. Meaning your valve will never come un-welded or fall apart. The Push-Push also easily integrates with the Packraft Pump or our Inflation Tube, Inflation Bag, and the Nano Barrel Pump.




The XPD is the same shape as the Rogue-lite. The high pressure design improves on water performance, giving it the maneuverability of a kayak and the stability of a raft. 


Featuring a moderate trim, slight rocker on the bow, and a large-volume stern which gives it great Flat Water, Lakes – Class II handling capability and stability. Combined with the extra-large 12in (30cm) diameter pontoons and higher floor-to-sidewall attachment point, the XPD is perfect for multi-day trips.


This open or “bucket” style packraft helps paddlers minimize weight and shortens setup time while making jumping in and out of the packraft easy.


NOTE: The XPD does not come with the EVA Backband, but has the attachment points if you would like to add it. Leaning (chilling) against the stern is also comfortable and cool.




There are four strategically placed 1in (2.5cm) Stainless-Steel D-Rings on the front and 2 on the rear of the packraft. Securely store your gear with our Delta Deck Pack or attach a bike to the bow. 

NOTE: Always follow the Clean Lines Principles.




Do you need more storage space? Add our 21in (53cm) TiZip, an airtight watertight zipper, to increase storage space and give you access to the inside of your packraft pontoons. 

 The TiZip compartment storage is perfect for protecting your gear and keeping centre of gravity low.




For full specifications for this model, please see the images. 


Note: Kokopelli Packrafts are special ordered so may take approximately 1.5 weeks to be ready to dispatch. Stock availability may vary. 

Kokopelli XPD 2020