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Lightweight Rechargable Packraft Pump


Lightweight portable USB rechargeable pump.


All the benefits of the standard Rechargable pump, PLUS its also a power bank and camp light!


Inflate your packraft super fast with this powerful but lightweight and compact IPX5 water resistant pump.


Cordless, one-touch operation.


With plenty of power stored in the 3600 mAH Lithium battery from a single charge, inflate multiple times without the need to recharge.


Dimeable lantern with 50 - 500 lumens. Upto 76 hours lamp light at 50 Lumens. Upto 12 hours light at 500 Lumens.


USB outlet to charge your accessories.

Type C Fast recharging port.


Comes with multiple attachments to suit packrafts, inflatable boats, air matresses and more.


Inflation/blow and vacuum operation as well.


Weight: 160 grams

Pressure: 4.5KPa

Flow: 300L/Min

Rating: IPX5 water resistance 

Battery Duration: 30 mins +/- 

Colours: White, Orange, Grey.


Battery Maintenance: Please charge every 3 months if the pump is not used regularly.

Note: IP55 strong water resistance is a splash-proof rating. The pump should not be submerged in water or stored in wet environments. 








Lightweight Packraft Pump, Light & Power Bank

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