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MRS Skeg/Fin



With a fin attached to your raft you’ll achieve better tracking and thus also higher speed when paddling. This upgraded model has a soft mount that should be glued to the stern of the packraft. Because the bracket is soft, it does not affect the packing abilities of the packraft as it can be rolled just as usual. The fin is easy to attach and remove from the mount.


The fin is available in two different sizes. The small fin weighs a little less but still has a positive effect on most packrafts. The large fin is recommended for larger packrafts.


MRS Skeg is primarily used during longer paddles in slightly deeper water and is not recommended in shallower rivers and streams.


The fin only sure to fit in MRS’s own bracket, all MRS packrafts manufactured in 2021 and onwards will be sold and delivered with fins and brackets included.



Weight 94 g (Small), 126.8 g (Large)
Length 18.7 cm (Small and Large)
Height 5.8 cm (S), 13 cm (L)

MRS Skeg or Fin kit

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