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M.R.S Surveyor



The MRS Surveyor is designed to reduce weight in all aspects while retaining the streamlined hull as much as possible. The centered seating position optimizes the boat’s planing ability. The backrests have been redesigned to provide even support while maintaining breathability. Comfort is excellent for this weight class. It is a difficult choice between carrying weight and paddling experience while designing. At the same time, the pakcraft need also hold all the land equipment you carry.

The white surface is a solution to weight and heat challenges. White absorbs less heat from strong sunlight and does not cause large air pressure fluctuations, which is especially convenient outdoors. The coating is also lighter, coming to 3.46kg not outfitted.

Whereas olive is a better camouflaging colour, the coating is slightly thicker than white, improving its resistance to scratches at the expense of weight. It is still light and easy to fold, coming to 3.75kg not outfitted.


Suitable for flat water and easy moving water. 


All MRS packrafts are made from advanced polyurethane coated nylon (TPU) which is strong, UV resistant, tear resistant and flexible enough to cope with varying temperatures. They have sewn and heat welded seams and come with the standard 3 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.



Streamlined hull, centered seats, balanced center of gravity layout

The seat back is supported so the packraft floor does not sag

The floor material covers the bottom of the packraft, which is protective, and the bottom is glued, which is less harmful to the ultra-thin coating than the hot pressing process

The temperature of the white hull is less affected by the sun, avoiding repeated air replenishment


As white fabric is a light color, it will become yellow easier than other colors when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Please pay attention to maintainess (long-term use and slight warming yellowing cannot be completely avoided, please consider it when choosing this color!)

Since the coating of the fabric is extremely thin, please consider carefully when planning to use it for rafting and other activities.

The floor is made of high-weave 210D material, which is completely considering the ultimate folding performance. After our test, it is completely can be used for general water sports.

(The weight may vary by ±1.5% in batches)

Try to use the fin to improve the tracking in paddling



Tubes: 210D Nylon 
Floor: 210D nylon


Surveyor Dimensions

Raft Weight: 3460g (white) or 3750g (olive)

2x Seat weight: 195g (70D)

2x Backrest weight: 145g

Fin weight: 86g

Infation bag weight: 135g

Pack strap weight: 25g

Outer Length: 324cm

Outer Width: 93cm

Inner Length: 213cm

Inner Width: 37cm

Tube diameter: 28cm

seat height: 12cm

Maximum paddler weight: 130kg

Maximum capacity: 220kg

Pack size: 40x40x14cm

MRS Surveyor X2 Ultralight Double Packraft

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