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MRS Viking EVO Self-Bailing Packraft


Demo Boat also instore!


The Viking EVO Self-Bailing packraft is probably the most exciting development I have seen in Packraft technology - you have to try it to understand just how good it is.


The seat and floor design is definitley different! There is no space to trap water around the seat. Its a fully sealed and integrated seat system, meaning the raft is stiffer and feels lighter on the water - with the added bonus of being instantly empty when you pick it up for a portage.


The seat has its own TiZip and internal bladder, The storage space in the seat cavity means basic repair materials and your top off pump can be carried without the need to use a bow bag.


Stiffer, Lighter (as it has no water in it), it turns, boofs, accelerates like a demon!


The seat position is a little higher, allowing advanced paddlers to take more advantage of edging the raft with ease and busting out killer rolls. This edgability combined with the stiffer raft means it runs on a rail more like a hard shell, you can carve into eddys all day long.


Based on the popular MRS Viking with plenty of volume for bouyancy, and has a smaller tube diameter for more responsive and agile whitewater performance and handling. It has an upturned bow for punching through waves and a balanced rocker and wider but tapered hull shape for improved stability and handling in moving water.


The enhanced Floow and tube materials, carry an 840D floor for bombproof confidence in shallow Aussie rivers, and the heavier 420D tubes add to that confidence, but the TPU is supply allowing it to roll tight, packing away to the size of a smaller raft.


The specialised multi-point thigh strap system also allows improved connection with the boat which aids in increased stability, performance and control of the packraft, particularly in turbulent whitewater. 


This model comes with a self-bailing floor and adjustable footrest system perfect for dialing in the perfect fit to suit different paddler sizes.  The drain holes sit with your heels in the lowest point, so water runs there, drains FAST and increases performance.


It also comes with comfort outfitting, with the integrated seat and EVA backband for ultimate performance.


There is a removable skeg for multi-purpose use on flatwater trips.


The Viking EVO Self-Bailing packraft has ample lashing points for attaching gear to, with  2 stern (rear) loops and 4 bow (front) loops.


With a self-bailing configuration it is quick and easy to enter and exit, and for scouting & portages.


The Viking Self-Bailing comes supplied with a lightweight inflation bag, tie strap and repair patches as well as the removable skeg fin.


Optional TIZIP ISS (Internal Storage System) is available also. This is optional, the seat TiZip exists in all models.



  • Outer length: 269cm
  • Outer width: 92cm
  • Inner length: 136cm
  • Inner width: 34cm
  • Weight: 5.1kg +/-
  • Tube diameter: 29cm
  • Buoyancy: 154kg
  • Tube material: 420D double coated TPU
  • Floor material: 840D double coated TPU
  • Constructed using high tensile sewn thread, tubes which are heat-welded, and contact glued floor, providing a super strong bond for enhanced durability. 
  • Options: ISS (Internal Storage System),and EVA Backband
  • Colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue or Black


Viking Evo:


  • Raft only 3920g
  • Parts 1199g
  • Total Weight 5119g


Viking Evo with ISS:


  • Raft only 4030g
  • Parts 1400g
  • Total Weight 5430g


Detailed Weights:

Thigh Straps 303g

Iss Storage bags 181g

Adjustable Footrest 246g

Seat Bladder 307g

Skeg 83g

MRS Viking EVO Self-Bailing Packraft

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