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NRS Guardian Waist Throwbag


A safety essential for paddlers, particularly on moving water. 


Conveniently worn around your waist, the Guardian Waist Throw Bag is always at your fingertips, whether you're in your boat or scouting a rapid, or on the wrong side of the river due to an unplanned swim!


  • A waist bag with quick-release belt holds a compact, removable throw bag.
  • The outer bag has a wide hook-and-loop flap and a zipper to facilitate removing the inner bag quickly and easily.
  • Drainage holes in the bag expel water quickly.
  • Removable Wedge Throw Bag has foam flotation to keep it on top of the water, mesh sides for drainage and drying, and reflective taping for increased visibility.
  • Throw bag contains 17m of 1/4" polypropylene rope, with a high tensile strength of 4.22kN.
  • A quick-release buckle on the adjustable waist belt ensures safe exit in an emergency.
  • The internal throw bag comes completely free from the waist belt.
  • Webbing loops along the belt allow you to attach carabiners if desired.
  • Compact and lightweight without sacrificing strength, durability and usability.


Wedge throwbag is only 400 grams.



Note: We recommend anyone paddling in whitewater environments ensure they have the skills and knowledge to safely conduct themselves. Whitewater/swiftwater safety and/or rescue training including the correct and safe use of throwbags is highly recommended.


NRS Guardian Wedge Waist Throwbag

SKU: TB-004
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