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Reflective Cord 4mm Paracord


Not you can colour code to match your boat, or contrast to make it easier to see when you need to find it under pressure!


Good paddlers paddle safely.


Attach a perimeter line to the bow (front) and stern (rear) attachment points of your packraft to give you or others a secure point to hold onto when you've taken an unplanned swim, and avoid losing the raft downstream.


Sold in pre-cut 3m length that can be trimmed to suit your raft. Enough for both front and rear lines.


4mm cord is strong enough for a grab line, whilst being light weight and results in smaller knots which are less likely to impeed on a natural paddle stroke.


The rope is reflective, strong and lightweight.


Note: Please adhere to the Clean Line Principle. Ensure all lines are attached tightly, with no loose ends or tails, so they do not present a potential hazard. Ensure perimeter lines are checked and adjusted regularly to keep them tight.





Reflective Cord Perimeter Line - Lightweight 4mm