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Rescue Throw Bags
Rated Rope Strength 8.4KN
Knotted Tensile Strength 4.9KN

15m 585g

20m 700g

Waist belt 100g

These bags are the most basic safety requirement for all whitewater kayaking and often used for sea kayak tow lines.
They come with Carry handle, grab loop, carabiner attachment points and webbing loops so you can add a waist belt strap.


The optional Quick Release Belt, stays attached to the bag when you release it from your waist (it can be manually removed from the bag), so your bag can always be with you when scouting and portaging rapids, and in the event of some kind of snagging in the river you can Quick Release it for optimal safety.


The Wide Mouth Mesh top is easy to pack and allows water to drain easily.

10 mm floating rope

Cone shaped bag for easy recovery.

Mesh covered for quick drying when stored.

Reflective strip around bag.

Ruk Sport 15m / 20m Throw Bag with Optional Belt

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