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MRS Microraft Sale - Ex-Hire Fleet


These rafts are fully functional - they will have a number of repairs to the floor to the floor which have needed a dab of glue to reseal, or some tenacious tape. All part and parcel with packrafting and do not effect their use at all. No they don't look new, but they are cheap as chips :) and do everything they should!


This is a redesigned all-round multi-use packraft which is well suited for hiking, fishing, light moving water, and general paddling and adventuring.


The new bow shape is sharper and provides easier paddling and less resistance.


The MRS Microraft has sewn and heat-welded seams and a fully detachable lightweight spraydeck.


The spraydeck gives good protection against rain, cold, and waves but is not 100% waterproof like a whitewater deck. You have the option to remove it fully when not needed on flat water or warmer days with its perimeter zipper attachment, which is easy to use.


Every MRS packraft is made out of TPU urethane coated nylon which is UV-resistant, durable, and flexible in low temperatures.


This packraft is delivered together with spare repair material and a bag to inflate the packraft. It also comes with the detachable spraydeck.


All MRS packrafts now come fitted with a fully removable skeg fin for improved tracking in flat water.



Tubes: UPN35 Nylon 210D/67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU double.
Floor:UPN35 Nylon 420D/67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU double.
Seat: Nylon 210D/118T laminated.
Deck: 70D Ripstopnylon.


Size and Weight:

Sizes:   M or L            

Weight: 3.25 /3.48

Outer Length: 250cm /  258cm

Outer Width: 84cm /  88cm

Inner Length: 131cm /  135.5cm

Inner Width: 31cm /  33cm

The packed size of the MRS Microraft is approximately 40x25cm +/- size dependent.


Colours include: Blue, Red or Army Green


Note: These models are in stock and ready to send.


They are used and as such have wear and tear and repairs as needed, but function perfectly as they should. They have not been worked to death.

SALE - MRS Microraft - Ex-hire

$1,599.00 Regular Price
$999.00Sale Price
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