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Keep your hands from being smashed by the Aussie sun and stop blisters ruining a picturesque day out.


The best time to paddle is when the sun is out and the water is clear.


The Eclipse Glove not only gives you protection against the sun, it also helps to prevent blisters on those long paddles.

Good hand protection will make your day more enjoyable.

These are not just another generic glove from china, they have been specifically designed for their specific use.

Light Weight High UPF50+ Material on the back keeps you cool and protects from the sun.

Heavy Duty Contoured double layer palm pads and protects against friction blisters.

Soft Supple Material aids grip on paddle shaft2mm Neoprene adjustable velcro cuffs maintain flexibility at the wrist whilst securing your gloves firmly

Solution Eclipse Paddle Gloves

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