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Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Hold Fast TPU Tie Down Straps


Perfect for attaching a pack to your packraft, or a packraft to your bike, gear to roof-racks, or almost anything where you require a lightweight but safe and secure attachment. 


For a strong hold, simply wrap the super tough TPU strap around whatever you’re fastening together and lock it in place with the easy-to-use buckle. Any excess strapping will lie flat against the loop, conveniently out of the way.


The unique slimline Keeper Strap creates extra grip that further strengthens the hold—allowing you to lash difficult items together securely. It also provides padding between items prone to damage.


Attach 2 or more straps together for a longer tie down system when needed.



  • Stretch-Loc versatility: Attach, bundle together or compress most items
  • Adjustable, strong and secure straps with positive, non-slip buckle
  • Easy and fast to tension and securely lock in place
  • Grippy and stretchy TPU material prevents secured items from slipping
  • TPU Keeper Strap attaches Stretch-Loc to support and provides grippy, padded surface
  • Keeper Strap protects items from scratching and retains excess strap
  • Two or more straps can be joined to increase length


Weight: 32g, 26g or 18g ea.

Length: 500mm or 375mm (Dusk Grey), or 450mm (Yellow)

Width: 20mm (Dusk Grey), or 12mm (Yellow)

Colour: Dusk Grey, Yellow

Material: TPU

Stretch-Loc Straps

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