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The WRSI Current Helmet is designed to provide maximum safety for whitewater paddlers, with a highly adjustable and comfortable fit. High quality and user friendly.

WRSI stands for Whitewater Research and Safety Institute, an organization founded to advance whitewater safety awareness and technology.

The Current is designed to fit a range of head sizes. It includes 9 pads of different thicknesses that you can easily mix and match for a custom fit.

A multi-impact shell combines with an EVA foam liner and a polyurethane sub-shell to effectively dissipate impacts.

Soft EVA foam pads line the sub-shell for extra protection and comfort. They attach with hook-and-loop patches.

The Interconnect Retention System works as an adjustable harness to ensure a safe and secure fit.

The WRSI production process is 100% wind powered and strives to be 100% waste free.


Size: M/L (54-59cm) or S/M (53-56cm)

Weight: 657gms

Colour: Red


WRSI Current Helmet

SKU: WH-01